Wednesday, 28 November 2018


There are lots of electronics available to us and we use it in our daily basis. Artificial Intelligence is something that we rely on very much nowadays. Before we get there we need to talk about machine and it is something that reduces the work effort of human. Many work area use artificial intelligence because they can process data faster than humans. We also need to keep in mind that the data they use to process are given by humans. For making it easier to understand you can see the calculators. First, someone did all the problems to the questions and did all the multiplication then inserted it into the function of the calculator. Because of that it works faster. Artificial Intelligence is same as this but a little bit different because now people are making robots and putting hardware and inserting some data and putting in commands which make them think like a humans. The parts use to construct them which gives them a look as if they are human. If these things keep going then it will end the human race. Because it is really common to go to wars with other countries for resources and other reasons but in these wars we use the help of AI which can be hacked easily if there is a wrong encryption in the system o, which can have a negative effect. Since the robots are being made to look like humans and many people can confuse them. Besides wars robots are replacing jobs for example: TV reporters, Hotel front desk, and even there is a robot which has been given a citizenship by looking at this makes me think if they can be citizen then what are you. Can we even considered them a citizen if they don't have a soul just because they have higher intelligence than us and beat us in any game or in any things still, they are not great.

Saturday, 24 November 2018


This documentary took two days to finish because it was too long. When for the first time I was watching the documentary I felt like I was watching a reality show as a story. But later found out that we were supposed to know. I really did not like it at first but as the story progressed it was a little bit interesting. The documentary was focused on two people Klaeil and Tom who wanted to start a company and they did open it. They opened a website which helps people to pay their tickets online. As the story moved on their company's worth increased and amount of employee also increased, many companies invested in their company. In the middle of the story, Dora who is Kaleil ex-wife now asks for a puppy or a child from Kaleil. In this process, Kaleil cheats on Dora and Tom gets terminated from As they are going in the car Tom says to Kaleil he rather sees the company collapse rather than their friendship break and keeping that in mind he did not fire him. As the consequences, he lost many of his employees. I personally did not like the documentary that much in the beginning but I was interested in knowing about Dora and Kaleil. I learned lots of things through this and it is that if anyone wants to do business around technology then this field or work is really good. This path leads you to make yourself worth more. Overall, it was ok to watch.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Dot com o- dot bomb

So Literally, our professor went over this topic and I had no idea what the topic was. Since I was only focusing on the slides or the content, I felt like he is telling a story like usual again. So I went back on my notes and saw we actually talked about this so, this is what I understand after one of my peers explained it to me. There was a situation when all the companies launched and people invested and they became million and millions of worth of company according to the market price. So, a blast happened and all the companies went down which could handle the pressure but some did survive.
As per my notes, it states that it had five stages 1. Innocent beginning 2. Boom!!! 3. Insanity 4. fell apart and others I don't know. During this presentation, I found out cool things I wanted to share the founder of general electric is Thomas Edison, World wide web project is 3 years old, HTTP is 2 years old, in 1993 the internet beginning, and free-range media. 
In 1993 many companies launched lots of browsers and Microsoft localization happened. Things were changing rapidly this change in technology world based on the economy were funded which made more companies to compete in the market. Everything was in chaos investors were investing people were happy and buying more products using more of the technology related stuff, this benefited the public more. Employees started to own stocks which were a huge thing and now everyone was worth billions of dollars suddenly. Due to changes in the interest rate, the value went down and everything fell apart.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018


We had a guest speaker, which I thought is a cool thing and the coolest thing was he arrived in the class before our professor did. Our guest speaker mostly went through his experience on how to publish on the Internet. Basically, things we already had some few understanding on but he explained it in detail. We went through lots of stuff to like explaining how 50% of the house in the US use Amazon prime. How technology is taking over us and how dependent we are on it. At the first, he started off like saying how amazing is it to publish on the Internet and compared to when world wide web and Internet were big thins how things have changed. Mostly, this is what I kept hearing. In the middle of the class, I got little bored not to the where I felt sleep because our professor had a paper which was mandatory to fill out for a grade so, I have wake up. Most of the questions focused on the things we already learned about. Honestly, I was sleepy, I had a headache, and I thought it was boring but still I had to force myself to stay awake because of that sheet we had to fill out. Otherwise, I would have been sleeping. To be fair maybe I felt sleepy because I always am but it might be also the case that I felt like he was repeating most of the things our professor already mentioned about and he did not anything new to say.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

General topic

There are a few topics I would like to report it to this class. One of the favorite things about technology is how it is evolving and helping people, which can lead to good and bad consequences. As time progresses there are different types of technology such as technology used in companies, industries, educational system, financial, communication, health, and food industry. These are some of the ways that I can think of on how technology is being used. It is fascinating to know about all these but at the same time, it raises concerns in different fields of areas. What technology has to offer now since it has already been this advance? Is technology is gonna reach a tipping point? What would our world be without wifi or Internet? And the main how can we differentiate what is technology and what is not? Will the Internet make humans smarter or dumber? In today's society technology is used almost everywhere from our bathroom to the president's desk. Everywhere you see it is there. The question where can you not find it. There are different programs which support the function in our devices to work. It is interesting to know how a small thing can control your living style. I really became concerned when our professor showed us a video that explained that "the machine is using us" and I was like I knew that and one day they will be controlling us, well that is my theory. And this also reminded me of a movie I watched and somehow connected it.

The link is here and the movie is in eng sub and be careful it more than 2 hours long:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Where is Journalism going?

Our great grandparents or grandparents might remember getting a newspaper at the front of their porch. Newspapers were source of information at that time and a way to connect to outer world, learning about what is happening around them. When prints were only way to get the news it was a really good business to do. It was really slow to receive the news but it was more accurate. Since everything was being printed there was more jobs available and for different positions open and different job description. More newspaper meant more people at work. Business was doing great and workers had job but as our technology started to advance and during 1920s radio and television were introduced which made people buy these but newspaper was still there but the use of it went down. Consumers were interested in these because news were faster compared to the newspaper, these new form of technology did long distance coverage, and these two technologies brought new aspects to journalism. This also made lots of people loose their jobs in the printing area but it also creates more jobs in technological field which majority of them might not be familiar with. Nowadays, we have mobile devices which includes lots of apps and helps other to communicate with each other better and faster. There are lots of apps such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and others which allows to receive their news at the moment, which puts the area of journalism low. There is a problem with this kind of advancement because the news might not be reliable. Many people working in the journalism field are also heavily dependent on a technology and maybe it's a evolution. In the journalism field people lean more towards entertainment departments rather than focusing on news because of people's area of interest. Journalism has changed according to the needs of people and what they want. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Numbers and palabras

Our class was assigned to make a HTML file. I did to but the process was not that hard as expected. It is pretty easy to make a HTML file. For those people who does not know HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup language. Moving on I also made a file which at first I planned on putting on some pictures on my file. I looked up on how to put images in the file and I followed through the steps too, which I did and I published the page but the image was not showing up. I kept trying and I also tried changing the images and putting it in the correct formatting but as soon I published it it did not showed up. Then I gave up on this idea. Next I tried to put the marquee which I thought was amazing. Since this in being in our today's society mostly for advertising or spreading news. I tried that and it worked. I did all the title and body also the ending. I wanted to be fancy a little bit so, I tried to put different symbols in it. I looked up what are the symbols and numbers used to make it appear like that and I found it fascinating that there is certain way to write and if you make a single mistake then it's not gonna appear as you want. So, I tried one with spades and a hot spring. After the work I was like why is it showing just two symbols when I wrote that many words. I also kept in mind that there are gonna be some words that are not gonna be visible when we publish and before starting anything you need to end it with correct format otherwise it's not gonna work. I really enjoyed it even though it was too much work for just some few words.